Dream Hotels

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Dream Hotels

Program type: travel & adventure series
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 4
Running time: 22'
Original title: Hotele marzeń

Bedroom under the sea near Pemba Island, a cottage in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. If there's a paradise on Earth our cameras will find it. Let us take you for a journey that you haven't even dream of.

Hotel owners around the world are competing with each other to create more exciting tourist attractions. A night on the ship in the city center, luxurious hotel eighteen meters under the ground, rooms made of salt. It's all true. The series presents amazing and extravagant spots from all over the world; from eco-friendly lodge inspired by bird nest to the Moroccan castle transformed into an exclusive hotel. Breathtaking sights, luxury, uniqueness - visit with us places designed to amaze and satisfy even the most demanding guests.


Season 1 - 4 x 22', produced in 2016

ep. 1 Thailand

ep. 2 Vietnam

ep. 3 United Arab Emirates

ep. 4 Morocco