Miss Prison

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Miss Prison

Program type: documentary ONE-OFF
Running time: 55'
Original title: Miss więzienia

Prison in Butanta district in Sao Paulo is one of the largest penitentiaries for women in Brazil. 160 small cells, 1051 women convicted of homicide, drug smuggling and theft.

Every day seems to look almost exactly the same. Except one - the day of beauty pageant ending with the coronation of 'Miss Prison". On this day prisoners presenting their physical attributes and talents may feel almost free. Polish journalist arrives to Sao Paulo to meet all the contestants and take part in preparations. It's also an occasion to discover dramatic stories of women sentenced to jail in Butanta. How did they got here? What made them commit crimes the were sentenced for? Documentary gives an insight into complex problem of women convicted of drug smuggling. Are they all guilty or maybe there are the innocent ones?

Produced in 2016