In Search of a Perfect Nanny

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In Search of a Perfect Nanny

Program type: constructed reality show
No. of seasons: 7
No. of episodes: 82
Running time: 33'
Original title: Idealna niania

"Is anyone going to be able to take care of my child as well as I do?"  - parents from find out for themselves.


Having interviewed potential nannies families invite chosen candidates for a trial day. The nannies have no idea that the house they get to work in is equipped in cameras and that they are constantly under parents’ scrutiny. It turns out that finding a perfect nanny is not an easy task – the behavior of most of self-appointed professional baby-sitters clearly indicates that they use parental absence to break social rules and are not cut out to work with children. This reality show reveals pretty shocking details about babysitting.

Nanny cams show what is really going on at home when parents are away.


Season 1 - 12 x 33'; produced in 2012

Season 2 - 11 x 33'; produced in 2013

Season 3 - 13 x 33'; produced in 2013

Season 4 - 12 x 33'; produced in 2014

Season 5 - 13 x 33'; produced in 2014

Season 6 - 11 x 33'; produced in 2016

Season 7 - 10 x 33', produced in 2016