Szymon Majewski Show

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Szymon Majewski Show

Program type: entertainment show
No. of seasons: 12
No. of episodes: 176
Running time: 50'

THE SZYMON MAJEWSKI SHOW is a true Polish TV phenomenon. This satirical-entertainment production broadcast by TVN for twelve seasons in prime time.

The show is hosted by Szymon Majewski - one of the most popular Polish presenters and satirists, who still surprises with the freshness of his ideas. The script of weekly episodes refers to current political, social and cultural events. The host of THE SZYMON MAJEWSKI SHOW invites celebrities who in the crossfire of questions, prove themselves to be different people.

THE SZYMON MAJEWSKI SHOW also includes material shots from outside the studio with provocations aimed at politicians and stars, which frequently end up with official protests of political activists. All of that makes the program "live" intensely even beyond the TV screen. Its host creates spectacular events in social circles, which are broadly reflected in the press and the Internet.
The mini-serials with the participation of the greatest stars of Polish stage and screen play a vital role in the Rochstar program.
In each episode, the last quarter is dedicated to actors and authors of the "Rozmowy w tłoku" cabaret. They imitate personages of Polish politics, culture, sport and media in an incredible way. The satire is very up to date and accurate, sometimes stinging with spitefulness, There are no taboo topics. Of course, everything at the highest verbal and acting level. Some expressions of "Rozmowy w tłoku" are the subject of lively comments on the next day.

The host of THE SZYMON MAJEWSKI SHOW created the character of a hideously ugly politician - Ędward Ącki, who appears everywhere to make an even bigger mess than that caused by professional politicians. Reports from his actions take a significant place in the show.

series I - 15 episodes
series II - 15 episodes
series III - 15 episodes
series IV - 16 episodes
series V - 16 episodes
series VI - 16 episodes
series VII - 15 episodes
series VIII - 12 episodes
series IX - 13 episodes
series X - 14 episodes
series XI - 14 episodes
series XII - 15 episodes