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Breast Ironing - Winner of Best Documentary Films - Ocrober 2019

In Cameroon, adolescent girls undergo a painful procedure called breast ironing. A grandmother or mother often carries out the mutilating ritual. The family home becomes a torture place, and the closest people become torturers.The treatment traumatizes, leads to serious complications, causes cancer. The fact that it is performed because of caring for a child is a tragic paradox. Flattening breasts is to inhibit their growth and reduce visibility to protect girls from rapes and premature pregnancies. These two problems affect most women in a country where sex education is not provided and contraception is inaccessible or ineffective.



Winner of Best Documentary Films - Ocrober 2019 at Europen Cinematography Awards in Amserdam

Special Mention Humanitarian Award at Best Shorts Competition 2019 USA

Special Mention Beast Featurs Doc at Global Shorts Awards