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Success of TVN’s documentaries !!

BBC World News, the BBC's commercially funded international 24-hour news and information channel, has purchased the rights to broadcast two of TVN Group’s documentary productions: The Mutineer and Freedom Factory.

The Mutineer is the story about Kazimierz Isakowicz-Zaleski – the priest who has written a book about the agents among Polish clergymen and bishops. Priest Tadeusz Isakowicz-Zaleski is a well-deserved person for cracovian Solidarity Movement. Lately, due to papal beatification, he summoned everyone, who was connected with Church and informed against Karol Wojtyła and Franciszek Macharski, to plead guilty. His appeal was motivated by the fact that the one who denounced him turned out to be former clergyman, using his connections with Church.

Script and direction: Wojciech Szumowski.

Freedom Factory portrays a group of outsiders who by choice live in the ruins of a deserted factory. Each of them understands freedom differently. Nevertheless, together they form a solid community which functions according to its own set of rules and regulations. Despite the poor living conditions, they are happy. Some who moved out of the factory say that living there was the best time of their lives.

Script, cinematography and direction: Maciej Walczak.

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