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"Letters to Santa" - BOX OFFICE HIT!

The best opening of 2011!!! Almost 400 000 admissions at the opening weekend and over 1 550 000 during first 4 weeks!!! The romantic comedy "Letters to Santa" proved to be the third best opening of the Polish movie over the past 20 years!

The film "Letters to Santa" is: "a pearl" (Filmtok), "a real romantic comedy" (Rzeczpospolita), "funny, touching and unpretentious" (Metro), "the best Polish production since decades" (Wprost)...
Paweł Małaszyński, one of the actors, said "I do avoid romantic comedies, but when on the horizon such script as "When Harry Met Sally", or "Notting Hill" appears, I am in! That was the case with "Letters to Santa".

Deemed to be the most romantic comedy of recent years it’s bound to keep your spirits highup all the way until Christmas!

„Letters to Santa” is a charming, heartwarming comedy about one Christmas Eve when the paths of all different and extraordinary characters will cross over.

It is an enchanting story taking place on this special day in a year when five men and five women in their slightly tangled lives are truly finding out that there is absolutely no escape from love and…Christmas.

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