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The Golden Eagle Award for two TVN’s productions – „Gorbachev – a Man who Changed the World” and „In Silence”!

"In Silence" and "Gorbachev - a Man who Changed the World" - two documentaries directed by Ewa Ewart awarded by CINE.

"In Silence" is a documentary about the 2010 tragedy in Smolensk. Ewa Ewart, a BBC film director, decides to focus on the mostintimate aspect of the tragedy - the personal loss to families. Honest and emotional interviews show the impolitical side of Smolensk's disaster.

The film "Gorbachev - a Man who Changed the World" takes a fresh look at Gorbachev's role in his country's emergence out of Soviet Communism, as well as his global significanceas the great international statesman who helped end the Cold War.

Since 1957, CINE, a non-profit organization, has been dedicated to recognizing the work of outstanding filmmakers, videographers, producers, directors and other craftspeople in the film, television, and new media industry.

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