The Cuddlers

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The Cuddlers

Program type: animation
No. of episodes: 94
Running time: 5'
Original title: Przytulaki

The Cuddlers are exceptional!

They are created to make kids feel like hug them, cuddle and learn about the surrounding world together. There are four main characters in the series: three boys – Dragon the Green, Hare the Downy, Cat the Striped and one girl – a little teddy bear named Cuddler. Each of them has a different personality. The Dragon is calm and self-controlled, the Hare is a born leader, the Cat always has some doubts and likes to make comments, the Teddy Bear is a wise and intelligent girl who likes to murmur her own songs.

The Cuddlers are full of common sense, they appreciate good fun and friendship. They do not fight or use bad language. They pass to children a lot of simple but important knowledge through games, adventures and gags. They go with children through all seasons of the year, typical celebrations like Christmas and Easter, birthdays, sports, everyday activities. With The Cuddlers children may learn about the world safely and wisely.


Produced in 2006