The Space Kick

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The Space Kick

Program type: children's series
No. of episodes: 26
Running time: 11'
Original title: Kosmiczny Wykop

Many light years away, in an outer space, on an artificial asteroid SPACEBALL there is the INTERSTELLAR FOOTBALL FEDERATION located. It turns out that football is extremely popular not only on Earth, but also in the entire (even the most distant) space. For millions of years every year the Galactic League Championships take place there. The most developed civilizations call up their teams to win the Championship.

On Earth, of course, no one has a clue about the existence of interstellar football. Nobody, except for Robert Lewandowski and four kids who together create the Earth Representation.


Our story begins in the outer space, where we learn about the crisis in the interstellar football. The problem may be solved only by the new team in the league, a representant of the new planet. The choice is simple it is Earth. The special probe is sent to Earth to choose the team players.

On Earth, the cosmic probe finds a group of kids. Each of them lives on a different continent, has a different character and different unique talent. They are connected by the fact that they love football and are huge fans of Robert Lewandowski.

One day, at exactly the same time each of the kids plays football in his yard. At the same time, Robert plays an important match. Then it comes to the grand cosmic event and Robert is transferred to the Spaceball asteroid. There, he undertakes the mission of creating the Earth team. The players are the kids who love football.

In each episode, our team will play a match at the space stadium with the inhabitants of other planets. First of all the characters must get to know each other and realize what has happened to them


Season 1 - 26 x 11'; Produced in 2020