Domino Effect

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Domino Effect

Program type: documentary SERIES
No. of seasons: 8
No. of episodes: 64
Running time: 25’
Original title: Efekt Domina

See the way the Domino Effect works. Because one good deed can trigger an avalanche of positive change.

This is an emotional show about people helping people, about the workers of non-governmental organizations and the volunteers from all over the world sensitive to human suffering. They reach the poorest regions of the globe to help build a better reality, to show that it really doesn’t take a whole lot to make some positive changes in one’s life.

The host, Dominika Kulczyk, accompanied by the TV crew sets off to the Philippines, Madagascar, Cambodia, Nicaragua, Georgia, Uganda, Togo and Iraq to give insight into the work of NGOs building houses and bridges, rebuilding schools and helping out super typhoon-affected communities, providing electricity, giving shelter to street children, creating  a playground and a refugee camp’s library.

Dominika Kulczyk, who learned strategic philanthropy at the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bertelsmann Foundation, is the head of the Polish NGO Kulczyk Foundation, which provides funding to projects throughout the show. She has worked as a social activist for many years, now presenting some of her recent projects in Domino Effect, and makes it a point to prove that a small act can make a big difference.

Season 1

ep. 1 - Philippines, helping out super typhoon-affected communities
ep. 2 - Madagascar, school renovation in the small village of Hovatraha
ep. 3 - Cambodia, building houses for the poor
ep. 4 - Georgia, support in creating a full-time shelter for the street children
ep. 5 - Nicaragua, support in reconstruction of the Paso Real Bridge
ep. 6 - Uganda, building a playground for the children of the former child soldiers
ep. 7 - Togo, installing solar kiosks
ep. 8 - Iraq, opening a library in the camp for Syrian refugee

Produced in 2014

Season 2:

ep. 1 - Bangladesh, renovating schools for children working in factories
ep. 2 - Poland, improving fence around hospice for children
ep. 3 - Laos, providing medical care for the poor
ep. 4 - Romania, renovating orphanage outside Bucharest
ep. 5 - Malaysia, building school for children from Badja tribe
ep. 6 - Poland, providing shelter for homeless and former prisoners
ep. 7 - Ethiopia, helping young woman - domestic violence victims, married off against their will
ep. 8 - Zambia, fighting with hunger by creating farmers communities and educating society

Produced in 2015

Season 3:

ep. 1 - Malawi, renovating school for orphans, and HIV positive children
ep. 2 - Poland, supporting foster families
ep. 3 - Nepal, taking care of children rescued from prisons
ep. 4 - Poland, renovating clinic for pegnant women diagnosed with cancer
ep. 5 - Thailand, cooparating with organisation preventing child prostitution and human trafficking
ep. 6 - Greece, supporting Syrian refugees
ep. 7 - Panama, helping 'Floating Doctors' provide medical care in developing world
ep. 8 - Ukraine, support for the victims of the civil war

Produced in 2016

Season 4

ep. 1 - Tanzania, Adventure Dream
ep. 2 - Brasil, School - don't shoot
ep. 3 - Poland, Yellow Plate
ep. 4 - Malawi, In the Shadow of El-Nino
ep. 5 - Colomia, Teenage Moms
ep. 6 - East Timor, Difficult Freedom
ep. 7 - Benin, Accused of Witchcraft
ep. 8 -Vietnam, Promise

Produced in 2017

Season 5

ep. 1 - Papua New Guinea, Witch-hunt

ep. 2 - Swaziland, Reed dance

ep. 3 - Philippines, 1,2,3 Payatas!

ep. 4 - Columbia, City of Women

ep. 5 - Rwana, Hear me!

ep. 6 - Bangladesh, Exodus

ep. 7 - India, Light in Kalighat

ep. 8 - Guatemala, School in the Jungle

Produced in 2018


Season 6

ep. 1 - Ghana, Little Slaves

ep.2 - Indonesia, Sumba

ep.3 - Kenia, Kibera's Voices

ep.4 - Lesotho, The Kingdom of the Sky

ep.5 - Colombia/Venezuela, For our Kids

ep.6 - Nepal, Kids for Sale

ep.7 - Namibia, First Bike

ep.8 - Peru, Children to the Resque

Produced in 2019


Season 7

ep. 1 - Nepal, Taboo

ep. 2 - Cambodia, From Gangster to Hero

ep.3 - Poland, Adult Children

ep. 4 - Senegal, Children of the Streets

ep. 5 - Romania, Forgotten

ep. 6 - India, Forced into Marriage

Produced in 2020


Season 8

ep. 1- Spain, Leave our Bodies

ep. 2 - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Everyone I lost

ep. 3 - Tanzania, 690 grams

ep. 4 - Poland, No Breaks

ep. 5 - Italy, Cheated

ep. 6 - Guatemala, Harmony

ep. 7 - Uganda, Red Leaf

ep. 8 - Costa Rica, Cave of Light


Produced in 2021