The Ghost People

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The Ghost People

Program type: documentary ONE-OFF
Running time: 45'
Original title: Ludzie duchy

The documentary gives insight into dramatic story of Tanzanian 'zeroo zeroo' – the ghost people.

Tanzania is the worst place in the world to be born with albinism. WHO (World Health Organization) estimates put the country’s albino population at 300,000. These people are vulnerable to sunburn and skin cancers but the strong African sun is not the only threat they have to face. A widespread belief in the magical properties of the albinos poses a real danger to ‘the ghost people’.

The Tanzanian belief in the magical properties of the albinos leads witch doctors to make potions from their flesh, which are supposed to bring luck and wealth. It’s  a lucrative business and the albino people have become prey, with women and children being at especially high risk. The only solution of the government is placing albino children, such as Kabula, in special enclosed facilities fenced with barbed wire and patrolled by armed guards

Kabula was only 12 when she was assaulted by unknown men who broke into her house at night and chopped her arm off with a machete. She managed to survive but she wasn’t allowed to go back home. For her own safety, she was placed in an enclosed camp at Buhangija where she has stayed for 5 years, together with a hundred other albino children.

Produced in 2014


Golden Nymph Award in the Current Affairs Documentaries at the Monte Carlo Film Festival 2015

Intemedia-globe gold award in Global Issues category at the World Media Festival 2016

The Special "GLOBAL AWARENESS AWARD" at the World Media Festival 2016

Gold Plaque  award in Documentary: Social/Political category at the CHICAGO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL TELEVISION AWARDS 2016

Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Short at BEST SHORTS COMPETITION 2016

Best Director of a Short Documentary - London IFF 2018