Three Every Hour

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Three Every Hour

Program type: documentary ONE-OFF
Running time: 45'
Original title: Trzy na godzinę

India is a home to six hundred million women who fear violence and sexual attacks everywhere they go: in the street, at the cinema or in a rikshaw. Young, educated, fashionably dressed women on their way back from a coffee house, mall or a date are at especially high risk of becoming a victim of a brutal rape.

Three years ago, in December 2012, the world was shocked to learn the dramatic story of a 21-year-old Indian student brutally gang raped by six men. Not a fortnight later, Nirbhaya died in hospital. She was no exception: in India three women get raped every hour. Delhi - the capital city, is the most dangerous city with rape rate twice as high as in Mumbai.
Tragic story of Nirbhaya is only a drop in the ocean of similar brutal cases. In the countryside, where descendants of high-caste families tend to exercise their power over the rest of the population, most of the rape victims come from the lower castes.

Anna Dereszowska - the young actress from Poland went to Delhi and to Hisar district to meet the victims of brutal rapes (10 and 17- years old), to investigate Nirbhaya case and to answer the following questions: Has Nirbhaya's death been forgotten? What is the future of women in India? Will they ever feel safe?

Produced in 2015


The 2015 intermedia-globe GRAND AWARD winner in Documentaries Category at 16th WorldMedia Festival in Hamburg

The 2015 intermedia-globe Gold winner in Human Relations and Values Category at 16th WorldMedia Festival in Hamburg

The 2015 intermedia-globe GRAND PRIX winner at 16th WorldMedia Festival in Hamburg