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Program type: documentary
Running time: 44'
Original title: Katyń

The story of fight for the truth about Katyn. The story that begins in 1940 and still lasts. We show not only the history of tragic events itself, but we shed some light on everything that followed search of dead polish officers run by General Anders.

There is valuable archival footage incorporated in the film, especially materials from 1943 and 1944, that show the exhumations. Diaries found near the dead officers’ bodies are quoted in the film. Interviews with famous Polish people, who were touched personally by the tragic Katyn events are presented.

In the film we talk to  Andrzej Wajda, Polish director known for the Oscar nominated film about the Katyn massacre, whose father was lost without a trace in the times of Katyn crime. We talk to priest Adam Boniecki whose father – Polish army officer -  miraculously rescued himself from death, using a disguise of a common private soldier. Our interlocutor present not only the objective knowledge, but also personal memories connected with Katyn massacre. Presented film allows us to move in time, capturing the atmosphere of the times of war, fifties and seventies.


Produced in 2008