The General - A History of the Conspiracy

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The General - A History of the Conspiracy

Program type: feature-documentary
Running time: 53'
Original title: Generał. Historia Spisku

Edward Miszczak - journalist - and Dariusz Baliszewski - historian and publicist - discuss key issues related to the death of General Sikorski and present an official version of the course of events.

Film materials collected over many years by Dariusz Baliszewski are examined – among others, interviews with people who witnessed the Gibraltar crash, as well as with people from General’s immediate social circle and documents and photos which have not been published before.

The project uses unique film materials which until now have not been known to broad audience, film materials from a rescue operation and fishing out the remains of Liberator AL 523 collected by Janusz Piekałkiewicz, a Polish historian who resides in Germany.
All feature scenes are based on Dariusz Baliszewski’s hypotheses, who – after many years of research, developed his own version of events in Gibraltar, July 1943, which is credible as it is supported by many documents and statements of witnesses. Thanks to coherent feature scenes, the audience will be able to enjoy a clear dispatch of hypotheses from our history detective.