18 Wheels Across America

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18 Wheels Across America

Program type: motoring & travel
Number of seasons: 5
Number of episodes: 45
Running time: 32'/42'
Original title: Ciężarówką przez Stany

The life of an 18-wheeler driver is not a fairytale. Dawid Anders knows it well. Still, he drives through miles and miles of the US land looking for his own American Dream. Want to join him for a ride? Hop on!

Our program brings you some amazing roads from the best parts of the United States. Join the coolest American truckers to travel the huge continent to and fro, from East to West!

Dawid Anders will be our guide, an American 18-wheeler driver of Polish descent. He is an amazing person and isn't afraid of any challenge. He and his brother are the only 2 people who have crossed the Amazon river... on water bikes! Courage is a very useful thing for a truck driver. Recent statistics show that it’s the 8th most dangerous job in the US!

"18 Wheels across America" is much more than a story of spedition company worker. Dawid invites viewers on a unique moto-journey across America – New York, the GM factory, the largest car auction in the world in Manheim, and many other fascinating places await. Dawid will also sit down with some Amish people, land in Iowa 90, the largest parking lot for trucks, and take a peek at a street car race in Detroit.


Season 1 - 8 x 32', produced in 2017

Season 2 - 10 x 32', produced in 2018

Season 3 - 10 x 32', produced in 2018

Season 4 - 9 x 42', produced in 2021

Season 5 - 9 x 42'; produced in 2022