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Program type: feature film
Running time: 93'
Original title: Oszukane

The story of family bonds that are suddenly put to a test. Accidental meeting of two teenagers reveals the tragic truth from their past.

Identical looks of the girls is not accidental. As they get to know each other, they discover they have much more in common than initially appears. A meeting of their families leads to unraveling a dramatic mystery and has serious consequences. The fact that Natalia and Magda are twins accidently switched at birth by a hospital personnel comes as a shock to all. Raised by different parents and in different environments, the twins have to redefine what they call home. What they all considered to be a family drastically changes. New circumstances force the characters to face uneasy reality.

Biological parents and their children, separated for almost two decades, try to make up for the lost time without harming those they used to call 'family'. But is that possible?

Based on a true story.

Produced in 2013


Award for Katarzyna Herman at the Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival in China in 2014