Love and Dance

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Love and Dance

Program type: feature film / dance movie
Running time: 118'
Original title: Kochaj i tańcz

Where rhythm and dance meet… love is born. Set in contemporary Warsaw, ‘Love and Dance’ is a movie inspired by the themes of life: love, friendship and forgiveness.

Hania, is a rookie journalist whose routine is turned upside down. On the eve of her first assignment she is preparing for her wedding to Slawek, a man who offers her everything– security, love and support.

Her work takes her behind the scenes into the world of dance to capture the magic of the European Dance Show. Captivated, her senses awaken. However behind the excitement lies a secret: Jan Kettler, the legendary dance coach is Hania’s long-lost father - a man with a past. But before this discovery, she is enchanted by Wojtek, a passionate streetdancer dreaming of Broadway.

Transformed by new feelings that surface under his spell Hania questions her existence… can she drag herself away from her routine existence with Slawek and fulfill her dreams with Wojtek? Should she forgive Jan or say goodbye forever? The answers can be found in the steps of the dance …’Feel the Rhythm’…but who knows where they will lead?

‘Love and Dance’ is about following your heart…in the search for happiness.


Produced  in 2009


ALREADY SOLD TO: Italy, Switzerland, Brazil, China, France, Balkans, Ukraine, Russia