Letters to Santa 5

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The success of TVN's format "Letters to Santa" in Czech Republic
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Letters to Santa 5

Program type: feature film
Running time: 114'
Original title: Listy do M.5

"Letters to Santa" return with the fifth part of the Christmas Eve story. In this part, we will see the Christmas adventures of our favorite heroes. What will they face this time?

As usual, Mel struggles with his life. By coincidence, he becomes a hero involuntarily, and his not always crystal-like character is put to the test again. Wojciech, who does not feel the ubiquitous joyful atmosphere, meets someone who changes his holiday plans. In turn, Karina and Szczepan get embroiled in a fight for an inheritance that can divide even their loved ones. They will find out if the family is really good only in photos. This, of course, is not all! This part also features new heroes and their surprising stories.

"Letters to Santa 5" will focus on universal values ​​such as love, closeness and kindness, which are most important today.

Produced in 2022