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Program type: constructed reality show
No. of seasons: 2
No. of episodes: 24
Running time: 33'
Original title: Sprzątaczki

It is said that new brooms sweep clean, but are they trustworthy? Would they be honest or would they rather take advantage of the fact that the house owners are away?

Meet people who are in desperate need of hiring a housemaid and, with the help of spy cameras, decide to test so-called professional cleaners. Despite the fact that at first glance everything seems to look perfect, it requires thorough investigation to reveal cleaners’ true colors. Those who are supposed to take care of tidiness and order do not hesitate to overuse the house owners’ hospitality, steal, snoop around and gossip behind the owners’ back.
It turns out that in order to find a perfect match, employers’ patience must be put to the test first.

Season 1 - 12 x 33', produced in 2015

Season 2 - 12 x 33', produced in 2015