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Program type: drama series/format
No. of seasons: 4
No. of episodes: 52
Running time: 43'
Original title: Diagnoza

Sometimes a single moment, one unexpected event can irreversibly change your life. What would happen if, some day, you wake up to discover you don’t know who you are, whom you love and what you care about? Can fate be so cruel to take everything from you, even your identity and memories? How to put your life back together if the basic pieces of the puzzle are missing?

The airport – that’s where we first meet Anna Nowak, the show’s lead character. Confident and determined, she comes to Silesia to resolve a personal issue. However, due to some unexpected events, Anna ends up in a local hospital. That’s where she gets diagnosed with amnesia. Doctors, who save countless lives every day, will not be able to save the one thing that is priceless to Anna – her memories. At a place of extreme emotions – fear and even greater hope – and where doctors pick up do everything in their powers to save lives, Anna will have to build her life from scratch, discovering some mysteries from her past along the way.

Touching live stories are a vibrant background to discovering the mysteries of Anna’s life.
Every episode will feature new medical cases and interesting (or sometimes surprising) stories behind them. Events connected with them will help trigger Anna’s memories and, step by step, reveal some facts from her past. Will she finally learn who she is, whom she loves and what she cares about? Every episode will bring viewers closer the truth about Anna.


Season 1 - 13 x 43' Produced in 2017, HD

Season 2 - 13 x 43' Produced in 2018, HD

Season 3 - 13 x 43' Produced in 2018, 4K

Season 4 - 13 x 42' Produced in 2019, 4K


ALREADY SOLD TO: Ukraine, Hungary, Turkey