The Genet(h)ic Code

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The Genet(h)ic Code

Program type: drama series
No. of episodes: 8
Running time: 42'
Original title: Kod genetyczny

"The Genet(h)ic Code" is a drama series with a criminal plot, in which a mysterious accident puts the closest people against each other - father and son. Their story is a dramatic choice between family loyalty, passion and truth. It is a story about the strength of blood ties, which in extreme life situations may prove to be the greatest weakness or the only salvation. How far can we go to stand up for those we love?

The main character is Tomasz, an outstanding geneticist, an employee of the Institute of Criminal Research. A man of principles, relentlessly seeking the truth. After the death of his wife, he became involved with much younger, beautiful Iza. However, it is not a woman, but the work that absorbs him completely, as a result of which he went into conflict with his son, Piotr. The boy didn’t accept the death of his mother and doesn't accept absent of his father. The tension in the relationship escalates when Piotr engages in a forbidden affair with Iza. The love triangle inevitably leads the heroes to tragedy. A passion that should never happen is destroying their existing world.


Season 1 - 8 x 42', produced in 2020