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Program type: mystery series / format
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 13
Running time: 42'
Original title: Naznaczony

Our sins do not age... they just lie silent, long-forgotten, ready to wake and return. Unlock the door to the past, and they rise again, exposed, blinking into the light...

Throughout this new 13-part series we follow the fortunes of Tadeusz Kral, a loving family man who leads the perfect life and wants for nothing. Or so it seems. No-one knows the dark secret he hides. No-one except The Guardian of Conscience. In his realm there is no forgiveness; everyone pays for their sins.

This spine-chilling series reveals how Tadeusz Kral is marked as the chosen one; branded with the mysterious stigma of The Guardian he is appointed to the ultimate fight.

Each thrilling episode draws us deeper into the Guardian’s web of terror; in addition to seeing how Tadeusz confronts this terrible threat we meet different people from different backgrounds with one thing in common – their past sins! We meet the man who confronts the terrible truth about his best friend - and his daughter; we see how an office romance turns to office horror - a love affair with a murderer; we follow the father who seeks to revenge his daughter’s breakdown.

Since time began The Guardian of Conscience has taken cruel pleasure in turning humans into mere playthings – entangling them in his spiral of evil - nothing more than pathetic, despicable beings. Yet now he seeks new challenges to satisfy his twisted lust…

When The Guardian marks you as his own, nothing will ever be the same again.

Season 1 - 13 x 42' produced in 2009


ALREADY SOLD TO: Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia