Recipe for Life

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Recipe for Life

Program type: modern drama series / format
No. of seasons: 5
No. of episodes: 65
Running time: 43'
Original title: Przepis na życie

Life can taste bitter-sweet sometimes.

Being a woman is not easy. Especially when your employer turns his back on you, your adored husband finds a younger soul-mate and your teenage daughter is nothing less than a challenge. But adding some new ingredients to your routine can brighten up even the most insipid days!

Recipe for Life is an inspiring story of a woman who tries to find new proportions of dreams, passions and freedom in her life. She adds ingredients according to her own taste. Following the culinary passion, she learns how to alter her own existence – even though life does not always go according to the recipe.

Are you ready to spice your days up?!

Season 1: 13 x 43’ – produced in 2011

Season 2: 13 x 43’ – produced in 2011

Season 3: 13 x 43’ – produced in 2012

Season 4: 13 x 43’ – produced in 2013

Season 5: 13 x 43' - produced in 2013

Produced by Akson Studio


ALREADY SOLD TO: Georgia, Hungary, China, Middle East, Slovakia, Lithuania, Russia, Latvia, Spain and Andorra, Turkey