Beyond the Obvious

Breast Ironing - Winner of Best Documentary Films - Ocrober 2019
London IFF 2018 awards Ghost People
The documentary "The Ghost people" was awarded at the prestigious London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema - IFF 2018. Martyna Wojciechowska and Marek Kłosowicz received the award in the "Best Director of a Short Documentary" category. more »
Letters To Santa 3 Top Polish Box Office
The third part of the Christmas-themed Polish romantic comedy series, Letters to Santa3, had 775,817 admissions since its 10 November 2017 premiere, making it the best opening weekend for 2017 and the second best opening for Poland in 30 years. The hit attracted 3 000 000 viewers just in Poland! more »
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Beyond the Obvious

Program type: travel & adventure SERIES
No. of seasons: 1
No. of episodes: 12
Running time: 23'
Original title: Kossakowski. Nieoczywiste

Discover how well - known places can be seen in a completely new light. Visit Berlin and dine in restaurant that serves only enormously large portions of food and book a hotel room with coffin instead of a bed. If you have seen the Eiffel Tower in Paris it's time to visit backstage of Moulin Rouge and drink wine from baby bottle in one of the French restaurants. Don't be surprised to witness a real Oktoberfest party in London or building a human tower near Barcelona.

It's always a wonderful idea to go on a journey. Travelling with Przemek Kossakowski is full of surprises. Our host visits most popular travel destinations in the world but instead of experiencing obvious tourist attractions he decides to show viewers something much more intriguing and unusual.

Season 1 - 12 x 23' produced in 2015

Episode 1:

  • Moulin Rouge backstage, Paris, France
  • Octoberfest Festival, London, United Kingdom
  • Propeller Hotel aka ‘world’s weirdest hotel’, Berlin, Germany

Episode 2:

  • XXL Restaurant, Berlin, Germany
  • Outdoor bubble rooms hotel, Borgonya, Spain
  • Foam party, Mallorca, Spain
  • Santa Maria de Montserrat Monastery, Catalonia, Spain

Episode 3:

  • Famous fondue Restaurant, Paris, France
  • Traditional tattooist creating magical designs, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Western Water Park, Magaluf, Mallorca

Episode 4:

  • Kra Thon (flying chicken) restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Thorpe Theme Park, London, United Kingdom
  • Human towers of Castellers de Vilafranca, Catalonia, Spain

Episode 5:

  • China Town, Bangkok, Thailand
  • “It’s your funeral” theatrical experience, London, United Kingdom
  • Restaurant at luxurious five-star Lebua Tower Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Episode 6:

  • Khaosan Road known as “backpacker ghetto”, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Peninsula luxury hotel, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Unique outlook on modelling with “Ugly Models”, London, United Kingdom
  • Daily tattoo in Wat Bang Phra Buddhist temple, Bangkok, Thailand

Episode 7:

  • Catching jellyfish, Phuket Island, Thailand
  • Klo – peculiar German restaurant with witty sense of humor, Berlin, Germany
  • Kulturinsel Einsiedel Theme Park near Gorlitz, Germany

Episode 8:

  • Creating individually designed tattoos, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Wrestling fights at La Lucha Libre Club, Paris, France
  • Glamorous Pavilion Hotel –celebrities’ favourite spot, London, United Kingdom

Episode 9:

  • Meeting stars' doubles at Star in Concert restaurant, Berlin, Germany
  • In search of a perfect suit - visiting tailor in Bangkok, Thailand
  • Tropical Island in Berlin, Germany
  • Enjoying opera scenery in Sarastro restaurant, London, United Kingdom

Episode 10:

  • Witnessing zombie parade, Paris, France
  • Maya Bay beach, Thailand
  • Architectural work of art, Blow Up Hotel, Poznan, Poland

Episode 11:

  • Dayrolle  - curiosities in taxidermy shop, Paris, France
  • Burlesque performences in Prinzipal Club, Berlin, Germany
  • Marche aux Puces market, France, Paris

Episode 12:

  • Maditating in Wat Bang Phra temple, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Funeral party, London, United Kingdom
  • Ugly Models agency, London, United Kingdom
  • Zombie parade, Paris, France


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