Crazy Tokyo

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Crazy Tokyo

Program type: travel documentary ONE-OFF
Running time: 54'
Original title: Szalone Tokio

Welcome to Tokyo, a city like no other, where you can visit a capsule hotel, enjoy a virtual fitting room, try out eco-coffins or get a bagel head – one of the most popular body modification trends.

While Japan is often associated with samurais and geishas, the futurism of the capital city, filled with staggering skyscrapers and dizzying neon signs, not only amazes but also shocks the tourists. The city shows off with novelties, such as extraordinary beauty gadgets used to change facial features, quirky sex toys or even special love hotels!
The most populous metropolitan area in the world is so jammed with attractions that everyone, regardless of their interests, gets something out of it! From technology maniacs who would enjoy shopping with help of a virtual fitting room or meeting a real humanoid to animal lovers having a meal served by a monkey waiter or making new friends in a cat café.

Get the feel of uniqueness and extravagance of the Japanese capital!

Produced in 2015


Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Short at the BEST SHORTS COMPETITION 2016


ALREADY SOLD TO: Portugal, Spain