Woman at the End of the World

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Woman at the End of the World

Program type: travel & adventure SERIES
No. of seasons: 13
No. of episodes: 96
Running time: 25'
Original title: Kobieta na krańcu świata

A fascinating documentary series about women throughout the world.

This breathtaking series takes you on a journey to the most distant and unique places in the world. Our host is Martyna Wojciechowska, an editor of 'National Geographic' magazine, a brave traveller who reached Seven Summits. She introduces you to amazing women and leads you through different cultures, religions, and professions.

In Africa, you have a chance to witness doctors and nurses dedicated to saving sight to the blind, a Ghanaian witch living in isolation and a South African lady treating a hippopotamus like a member of her family.
Asia introduces to you Thai giraffe neck women devoted to tradition of their tribe, Japanese ‘hime gyaru’ - modern princesses, and Indian guardians of the Hindu temple and its inhabitants – 20 000 rats.
Mexico surprises you with the bravery of a woman bullfighter, Samoa shocks with Fa’afafine – men living like typical women, Australia gets your adrenaline going at a higher level with extreme sports lovers.

This fresh approach to the notion of cultural diversity has already stolen the hearts of millions.

Season 2:

ep. 1 The Republic of South Africa - Hippo’s mammy
ep. 2 Thailand - Women with long necks
ep. 3 Ethiopia - “Hope for the blind” (part 1)
ep. 4 Ethiopia - “Hope for the blind” (part 2)
ep. 5 Borneo - Babysitter of orangutans
ep. 6 Tanzania - A woman pilot
ep. 7 Japan - Geisha from Kioto
ep. 8 Japan - “Himegyaru princesses” from Tokyo
ep. 9 Morocco - The final
ep. 10 Behing the scenes

Produced in 2010

Season 3:

ep. 1 India - Woman from The Rat Temple.
ep. 2 Samoa - 99% woman.
ep. 3 Australia - Extreme woman.
ep. 4 Mexico - A bullfighter.
ep. 5 Ghana - A witch.
ep. 6 Australia - Kangaroo's mom.
ep. 7 Nepal - A wife of three husbands.
ep. 8 Making of...

Produced in 2011

Season 4:

ep. 1 Kirgistan - Taken from a Yurt
ep. 2 Indonesia - Shaman's Wife
ep. 3 Mexico - Vampire Woman
ep. 4 India - Buried Alive
ep. 5 Costa Rica - Sloth's Mum
ep. 6 Nepal - Till the First Blood
ep. 7 Spain - Flamenco Queen
ep. 8 Making of...

Produced in 2012

Season 5:

ep. 1 Cuba - Taxi Driver in Havana
ep. 2 Belize - Saving Crocodiles
ep. 3 South Sudan - Golden Girl
ep. 4 USA - XXXXXL Woman
ep. 5 Albania - Sworn Virgins
ep. 6 Cuba - Priestess of Santeria
ep. 7 Philippines - Life in a Tomb
ep. 8 South Sudan - New Life
ep. 9 Thailand - Boxing Girl
ep. 10 Making of...

Produced in 2013

Season 6:

ep. 1 China - Shaolin Kung - Fu Master
ep. 2 India - Surrogate Mother
ep. 3 Thailand - Ladyboy
ep. 4 China - Matriarchal Mosuo Tribe
ep. 5 Bulgaria - Virgin Bride Market
ep. 6 Tanzania - Woman from the Tribe of Ghosts (the Albinos of Africa)
ep. 7 Iran - Footballer in Hijab
ep. 8 Making of...

Produced in 2014

Season 7:

ep. 1 India, The Smallest Woman in the World
ep. 2 Philippines, Crucifixions
ep. 3 Nigeria, Star of Nollywood
ep. 4 Papua New Guinea, Women from the Dani Tribe
ep. 5 Bhutan, Royal Family
ep. 6 France, "Little Africa" in Paris - NOT UNAVAILABLE FOR DISTRIBUTION
ep. 7 Russia, Raindeers Breeders from Siberia
ep. 8 Indonesia, Funeral rituals among Toraja Society
ep. 9 Colombia, Women Prisoners from El Buen Pastor
ep. 10 Making of...

Produced in 2015

Season 8:

ep. 1 Romania, Fighting against human trafficking
ep. 2 Russia, “Academy of private life” — the women’s training center
ep. 3 USA, Bosnan refugee looking after dolphins in Clearwater Marine Aquarium
ep. 4 South Korea, Muk-bang show
ep. 5 Tanzania, 'House of Woman' tradition among Kurya tribe
ep. 6 Making of...

Produced in 2016

Season 9

ep. 1 Malaysia, Fish people
ep. 2 Mongolia, Dancing with eagles
ep. 3 Japan, Almost like a woman
ep. 4 Bolivia, Out of time
ep. 5 Pakistan, Without face
ep. 6 Pakistan, Broken lesson of freedom
ep. 7 Bolivia, Climbing for dignity
ep. 8 Belgium, Mother's heart
ep. 9 Making off

Produced in 2017

Season 10

ep. 1 Spitsbergen, The end of the world on requestNorway
ep. 2 Borneo, With a visit to head hunters
ep. 3 Salvador, Hell for women
ep. 4 Chad, The prettiest
ep. 5 Poland, On the way

Produced in 2018

Season 11

ep. 1 Korea
ep. 2 Mexico
ep. 3 South Africa
ep. 5 Mexico
ep. 6 India
ep. 7 Senegal
ep. 8 Lebanon
ep. 9 Making off

Produced in 2019

Season 12

ep.1 - Liban

ep.2 - Ghana

ep.3 - Austria

ep.4 - Bangladesh

ep.5 - Praha

ep. 6 - Malta

ep. 7 - Poland

ep. 8 - Making off

Produced in 2020


Season 13

ep.1 Romania

ep.2 Dubaj

ep.3 Malawi

ep.4 Georgia

ep.5 Kenia

ep.6 Egipt

ep.6 TBA

ep.7 Making off

Produced in 2021


ALREADY SOLD TO: Sweden, Japan, Spain, France, Latvia, Hong Kong, Belgium, Slovakia, South Korea, Czech Republic, USA, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Croatia.