Kingdom of Women

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Kingdom of Women

Program type: comedy series/format
No. of episodes: 8
Running time: 42'
Original title: Królestwo kobiet

Kingdom of Women is a comedy in which the fair sex takes control!

Four different women are connected by a perverse fate - through one man they fall into the middle of a criminal intrigue. On their own, they will have to face the world. Love, friendship, crime, big money and a large dose of sharp humor are just the beginning!

Wera, Ineza and Gabi are ordinary women looking for love, family happiness and fulfillment. Thanks to Robert, the current wife, ex-wife and lover are guaranteed a peaceful and prosperous life. The unexpected death of "the man of their lifes" turns the world upside down. Instead of assets, they inherit a company and ... debts owed by a local gangster. They are in the middle of a criminal record in an instant. What's more, there is also the fourth one - Olga, a mysterious stranger who also had some connection with Robert. The dignified Ineza, the beautiful and young Wera, the benevolent Gabi and the intriguing Olga must quickly find a common language and join forces, because only together are they insurmountable. And they will face quite a challenge! A ruthless gangster and a cunning insurance detective will stand on their way. In order to win, they will have to show ingenuity, cleverness and the ability to make unusual alliances. Will they handle it?

Season 1 - 8 x 42'; produced in 2020