The Disappearance (The Defence)

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The Disappearance (The Defence)

Program type: crime series
No. of seasons: 5
No. of episodes: 32
Running time: 43'
Original title: Chyłka Zaginięcie

The Szlezyngiers’ peace is ruined. Nikola, their three-year-old daughter, disappears in unexplained circumstances. When the police cannot find any indications of violence or break-in on the spot, Angelika and Dawid Szlezyngier become the main suspects. Helpless and distraught, Angelika contacts an old friend Joanna. Brilliant, cynical and incredibly successful lawyer decides to defend the parents, despite other cases piling on her desk. Her new apprentice, young and ambitious Kordian, will accompany Joanna through each step. Together, they will try to bring the case to a happy finale.

Adaptation of a renowned novel from Remigiusz Mróz, a writer whose work is a literary phenomenon of recent years in Poland. The author of bestselling crime novels created the character of a charismatic counsellor, who with her intelligence, stubbornness and wit can succeed in every legal duel.


Season 1 - 7 x 43'; produced in 2018

Season 2 - 6 x 43'; produced in 2019

Season 3 - 7 x 43'; produced in 2020

Season 4 - 6 x 43'; produced in 2021

Season 5 - 6 x 43'; produced in 2021


Available in 4K and HD