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TVN's documentaries awarded at The Best Shorts Competition!

Jury of the prestigious Best Shorts Competition awarded this year  TVN's dumentiaries:

Clones. Reaching Immortality - Award of Excellence: Documentary Short

The program gives an exclusive insight into everyday life of the famous Soam Clinic, established by a visionary vet and the first scientist in th world to clone a dog.

The Ghost People - Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Short

Documentary presents the story of Tanzanian 'zeroo zeroo' - the ghost people. A widespread belief in the their magical properties  poses a real danger to the albinos living in Tanzania.

Crazy Tokyo - Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Short

Program presents the most populous metropolitan area in the world in order to get the feel of uniqueness and extravagance of the Japanese capital.

Endrju - Award of Merit Special Mention: Documentary Short

'Endrju' is a story on an athlete who can not come to terms with his own weaknesses and the prospect of leaving the ring forever. Spectacular victories and defeats in the fights for the world heavyweight champion title come back to his mind like a mantra.

State od Mind - Award of Merit Special Mention: Dosumentary Short

A personal story of Senadin Ljubović - the psychiatrist of Bosnian Muslim origin, who decides to travel to The Hague jail for war criminals of the former Yugoslavia to meet his old friend - Radovan Karadzic.