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"25 Years of Innocence" at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

"25 Years of Innocence" at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival

"25 years of innocence.” The Case of Tomek Komenda - is a moving sensational drama based on real events that lived throughout Poland. This is a story about the life of Tomasz Komenda - a young man wrongly sentenced to 25 years in prison for rape and murder of a teenager.


BEST RATED CRIME SERIES Before Chyłka is a time full of legal and personal challenges. The prospect of significant changes will appear in the patron's private life.
Angel of Death

Angel of Death

A seven-episode thriller with a crime story in the background. In this tale puzzle identity of the murderer is not the mystery, but the motives of his actions. What connects the perpetrator with the commissioner conducting the investigation? Why all victims are deeply religious young girls? The race continues over time.
COVID 19: The World in Danger

COVID 19: The World in Danger

Documentary created under the global lockdown, the authors present stories medical workers, scientists and experts, as well as everyday heroes from China, Italy, UK, India, USA and Ecuador. This is complemented by previously unpublished films and images, revealing the unknown truths about the coronavirus pandemic.
Breast Ironing - Winner of Best Documentary Films - Ocrober 2019
London IFF 2018 awards Ghost People
The documentary "The Ghost people" was awarded at the prestigious London International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema - IFF 2018. Martyna Wojciechowska and Marek Kłosowicz received the award in the "Best Director of a Short Documentary" category. more »
Letters To Santa 3 Top Polish Box Office
The third part of the Christmas-themed Polish romantic comedy series, Letters to Santa3, had 775,817 admissions since its 10 November 2017 premiere, making it the best opening weekend for 2017 and the second best opening for Poland in 30 years. The hit attracted 3 000 000 viewers just in Poland! more »
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