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World Media Festival awards Belle Epoque!

World Media Festival 2017 awarded Belle Epoque in Entertainment category. Crime series received intermedia-globe Silver!

Belle Epoque” (10 x 44’) was one of the most expected Polish premieres of 2017. TVN’s newest original period drama vibrantly combines talented cast, detailed settings and captivating mystery with the discipline of a crime plot inspired by real cases.

The story begins in 1908 in Cracow when Jan Edigey Korycki returns to his hometown, which he was forced to leave amidst moral scandal, social ostracism and heartbreak served by his fiancée. Time hasn’t changed Jan’s intriguing and mysterious nature, nor the dark past he has to face. Once accused of killing his fiancée’s brother in a duel, Jan hit the road enjoying the life of a lone vagabond.

He now returns to solve the disturbing case of the murder of his own mother. To find the killer he joins forces with his old friends: Henry and his emancipated sister Veronica, who run the modern forensic laboratory in Cracow. Looking for his way into the world of crime investigation, Jan displays excellent intuition and knowledge of human nature that make him exceptional at tracking down murderers on the loose.

Secrets, danger and dreadful crimes lurking in the alleys of his hometown do not allow Jan to vanish once again.