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TVN's productions awarded in Beverly Hills

"In Silence" and "The Fighter" have been awarded at the 2nd Beverly Hills Film, TV, and New Media Festival.

"Our festival wants to honour the talent and achievements of the filmmakers of "Tragedy in Smolensk" and "The Fighter" giving two awards to TVN for excellent documentary film ("In Silence") and outstanding achievement in the category of International Cinema ("The Fighter")" - announced by Donna Spangler, director of the Beverly Hills Film, TV & New Media Festival.

Both productions were in the final top films of this year's festival program. Due to the limited number of projections, will not be shown to the public. 
However, despite the restrictions, the jury decided to award both productions.

"The Fighter"- Outstanding Achievement in International Cinema
"In Silence" - Outstanding Excellence for a Documentary

2nd Beverly Hills Film, TV and New Media Festival
20-23 October 2011

"The Fighter" - http://www.tvn.pl/grupatvn/distribution/offer/35
"In Silence" - http://www.tvn.pl/grupatvn/distribution/offer/33