COVID 19: The World in Danger

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COVID 19: The World in Danger

Program type: documentary
Running time: 72'
Original title: COVID 19: Świat w zagrożeniu

2020 is a unique year. Within just a few months the world as we knew it has changed completely.  What seemed like a local danger, began to spread to every continent before our eyes, bringing suffering, death, hunger and chaos. "Covid-19: World in Danger” is the latest documentary created by the authors of Poland’s #1 journalist investigation program “Superwizjer”, showcasing a universal story of how the world looked in the spring of 2020.

Covid-19 does not discriminate between the wealthy or the poor, nor the western or developing world. The deadly virus wreaks havoc around the globe, and Polish journalists decided to follow its deadly footsteps as it spread to new countries. Created under the global lockdown, the authors present stories medical workers, scientists and experts, as well as everyday heroes from China, Italy, UK, India, USA and Ecuador. This is complemented by previously unpublished films and images, revealing the unknown truths about the coronavirus pandemic.


Produced in 2020