Tales from the Land of Ovens...

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Tales from the Land of Ovens...

Program type: documentary
Running time: 42'
Original Title: Bajki z krainy pieców...
Produced by: TVN Discovery Historia

"Tales from the Land of Ovens..." - an ordinary title and extraordinary story. These tales were secretly written by 30 prisoners of Auschwitz Concentration Camp. For their own children. They also illustrated them beautifully. These tales are the subject of the film.

The concentration camp was so full of evil that one could start doubting the existence of good. But it survived, if only in seemingly trivial booklets about little chickens and flowers. These were about thirty daring men who wrote and illustrated them in the proximity of crematorium chimneys. One of them was ordered by the Nazis to segregate the belongings of the people killed in the gas chamber. He found a fairy tale left by child, who was gassed with others. That was when they decided to create tales for their children. These tales kept them alive.

Produced in 2008