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Program type: Factual series
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 16
Running time: season 1 – 42’; season 2 – 23’
Original title: Lotnisko

190,000 takeoffs and landings. Eighteen million passengers a year. Forty-six carriers from around the world. Forty-two air operations every hour. 9,000 employees in 30 different professions working 24 hours a day. These are the figures behind the largest airport in Poland.

The Warsaw Chopin Airport is the largest airport in Poland. It is a huge, complex organism operating at full speed, 24 hours a day, all year round.  It follows complicated, stringently regulated processes and engages hundreds of professionals and enthusiasts responsible for the safety of millions of passengers. Discovery Channel will begin airing an eight-episode series dedicated entirely to Chopin Airport. We will learn about the difficult and responsible tasks facing its employees. Our cameras will accompany them in their daily work, accessing previously unseen places and showing procedures that remain hidden from passengers.


Season 1 - 8 x 42', produced in 2019

Season 2 - 8 x 23', produced in 2019