Angel of Death

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Angel of Death

Program type: crime series/format
No. of seasons: 3
No. of episodes: 21
Running time: 42'
Original title: Szadź

Thriller with a crime story in the background. In this tale puzzle identity of the murderer is not the mystery, but the motives of his actions. What connects the perpetrator with the commissioner conducting the investigation? Why all victims are deeply religious young girls? The race continues over time.
Will Commissioner Polkowska get on the trail of the murderer and prevent further crimes? Each episode reveals to the viewers part of the truth about what connects the policewoman with Piotr Wolnicki - a religious expert, a seemingly exemplary husband and father who cruelly deprives his victims of life!

Season 1 - 7 x 42', produced in 2020 4K
Season 2 - 7 x 42', produced in 2021 4K
Season 3 - 7 x 42', produced in 2022 4K
World Media Festivals | Television & Corporate Media Awards​, Hamburg 5/2021
Intermedia-globe GOLD - Documentaries: Continuing Series & Serial Programmes