My Agent

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My Agent

Program type: comedy
No. of episodes: 6
Running time: 42'
Original title: Mój Agent/Dix pour cent

It all starts when Dorota decides to come to Warsaw and, with her father's help, find a job in the film
industry. However, Marek does not expect a visit from his daughter, whose existence he kept secret 
from his wife and son. The Krantz Acting Agency, where she works, is the most prestigious in all of 
Warsaw. The biggest stars of film, theater and television are under the care of Marek and his colleagues.
As a result of an unexpected combination of cases, Dorota is employed in this agency. Will the girl be 
up to the challenge? How will he cope with extremely demanding tasks and fickle clients? 
It will soon turn out that this job is much more than photo sessions, film sets, banquets and galas.

The series "My Agent" is the Polish version of the French hit "Dix pour cent".
The production presents the fate of agents who work with actors on a daily basis. 
For them, they are not only business support, contract negotiators, but often also secret-keepers, 
therapists, and even friends.

Season 1 - 6 x 42'; produced in 2022