Magda M.

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Magda M.

Program type: modern drama series / format
No. of seasons: 4
No. of episodes: 55
Running time: 46'
Original title: Magda M.

A warm and humorous story of love and friendship in a big city.Magda and Piotr are young lawyers in competing legal firms. Hot shots at work, they are not quite so successful when it comes to feelings. Who said love in the city was easy?

Luckily for them, Magda and Piotr have friends they can count on. And it’s their support and humour that bring warmth and fun into their lives.

With its cast of lively, colourful characters, negotiating all the complications of modern city life, this immensely popular series takes in the moving, the sad and the just plain hilarious, but always with warmth and humour.

season 1 - 15 x 46' produced in 2005 
season 2 - 15 x 46' produced in 2006
season 3 - 15 x 46' produced in 2006
season 4 - 10 x 46' produced in 2007

Produced by Akson Studio


ALREADY SOLD TO: Russia, Georgia, Lithuania