True Law

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True Law

Program type: drama series / format
No. of seasons: 7
No. of episodes: 93
Running time: 43'
Original title: Prawo Agaty

Watch specific working environment cope with true to life cases and everyday problems combined with a hint of good humour, a large dose of positive energy and of course…love.

Meet Agata, a successful lawyer. In an unprecedented course of events she loses her prestigious job, seemingly charming boyfriend and her posh flat. All this just within the course of days. And when you think that after all this nothing positive is going to happen a tempting offer comes into view and gives hope for the future.

Following friend’s proposal of joining a newly set up law firm Agata takes the challenge and slowly but surely starts to explore the new waters. She realizes that people she is going to meet will be entirely different type of clients than huge corporate customers she used to battle for.

Each episode deals with an exciting, sometimes intriguing, frequently moving and at times grotesque cases taken up by main characters. Their clients’ problems often turn out to be so similar to what they themselves are going through in their private lives.

Alongside Agata there’s her friend Dorota with ups and downs of her marriage as well as Adam Debski entangled in a professional and emotional triangle with two attractive, competitive and ambitious women.


Season 1: 15 x 43' produced in 2012

Season 2: 13 x 43' produced in 2012

Season 3: 13 x 43' produced in 2013

Season 4: 13 x 43' produced in 2013

Season 5: 13 x 43' produced in 2014

Season 6: 13 x 43' produced in 2014

Season 7: 13 x 43' produced in 2015

ALREADY SOLD TO: Montenegro, Slovakia