39 and Half Weeks

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39 and Half Weeks

Program type: tv series/format
No. of episodes: 10
Running time: 43'
Original title: 39 i pół tygodnia

Darek Jankowski, a nearly 50-year-old rocker, has a thriving music club and a few songs which he wrote years ago as the leader of a popular punk group. He is a classic case of an eternal boy who never grew up. Then comes a reality check, when Darek finds out that he has brain cancer which with all probability will kill him. He keeps the news to himself and decides to give up treatment. To make matters worse, his ex-wife Anka and his 10-year-old daughter Zosia want to move abroad, tired of the childish father. Darek intends to commit suicide, but even that turns out to be a challenge. The turning point comes when he dissuades a young girl from killing herself, which triggers a new will to live within him. Still, the clock is ticking relentlessly. As the story progresses, Darek becomes entangled in several humorous romantic situations, tries to help solve his son’s family problems, and organizes his grand farewell to life party. Finally, it turns out that maybe not all is lost.

“39 and a Half Weeks” is a pleasant show addressing the everyday struggle to find reasons to live, where serious matters are presented with a bit of humor.


Season 1 - 10 x 43', produced in 2019

Available in 4K and HD